RELEASE: Grazia Frilly Tartan Top

3 Jun
Hykova, Whippet, Buck & Cole

Hykova, Whippet, Buck & Cole

Sorry for being a bit absent the past couple of weeks, I know this release has been a while coming. The Grazia Frilly Tartan Top is now available at the Whippet & Buck mainstore in Imogen. The top is available in 6 colours of our signature tartan. The flowing lower is nipped in with a skinny belt and comes on 2 different attachment points – so pick the one that suits your AO. Whippet & Buck aims to be trans-seasonal (like SL itself). It’s coming into the cooler months down here so we’re quite drawn to tartan but this Summer-weight top can be worn alone or layered over or under other garments (all layers included!). Try it under a prim blazer or hip-length coat.

Special thanks to effing chic Grazia Horwitz for whom the top is named, Autumn Hykova for lots of patience and use of her bedroom and to International Supermodel Haver Cole.

If you somehow haven’t yet heard: The Make Him Over Hunt is on now until the end of June. Whippet & Buck is participating and our little orange male symbol is hidden at the mainstore. Head for the mens side and maybe browse the art? The gift is a simple outfit (top and shorts) designed for the arrogant rich boy who likes to play around on his yacht – or at least boast about it while gesturing through the floor to ceiling glass windows of the yacht club. The shorts are a modified version of the previously released Harris Shorts with a modified belt and embroidered anchor on the back pocket. The top is a white short-sleeved v-neck with the same embroidered anchor.


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