Jewelry Fair

19 Sep

I know we’ve been dragging our feet on the new release for a while now but I promise that it’s coming. In the mean time – Whippet & Buck has a little booth at Jewelry Fair 2009! I jumped at the opportunity as soon as I heard about it, I want W&B to start providing more accessories and the fair’s charity of choice – Oxfam – happens to be one that I feel passionately about. I applaud the organizers for choosing an international charity organization and I hope to see more SL groups embracing this. Second Life is a global community – it’s one of the best things about it.

Whippet & Buck is in Spring: SLURL

On with the products: I’ve only got two items (in various colours) in the booth. One is the Rae Bird Brooch (seen above), it’s available in 4 colours and 50% of the profits from the green and gold brooch go to Oxfam. The other piece is a simple long necklace with a lazer-cut style pendant. You can choose either a whippet or a buck pendant and both options come in gold, silver or black. The necklace is named Peggy for my dearly departed whippet X who went to sleep for the last time this year at 17 and a half.

The brooch was named for the amazing Rae Spoon:


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