RELEASE: Store Credit and Recolours for Ladies & Gents

25 May

If you’ve shopped in Whippet & Buck in the last few days you may have noticed that all purchases now accrue store credit. This rate is set to 5% of the purchase price on all items. However, if you find that you shop at Whippet & Buck on a fairly regular basis consider joining the brand new Whippet & Buck Silver Service group. Members of this group have the special rate of 20% store credit on all purchases made at the mainstore in Imogen.
The fee for joining this group will be L$200 but as a bonus to our already loyal shoppers we wanted to let you know that the price is currently set to $L100 and will be until Sunday 29th May 11:59PM SLT.
To join simply search for “Whippet & Buck Silver Service” or go to the store and hit the Silver Service poster.

Today’s release isn’t anything new, per se, but a bunch of new colours for previously release Fifty Linden Friday designs. All of the fatpacks for these releases are priced to accommodate those who already grabbed the colours that were available for FLF.

The Carter Cardigan is a unisex cardigan with sculpted prim sleeves (in 2 sizes to make them easier to resize for female avatars). It is now available in 5 colours for L$130 each al 5 for L$375.

The Maddy Lace-Inset Top was very popular when it was originally released and is now available in 8 colours for L$100 each or all 8 for L$475.

The So Basic Mini skirt was our most recent FLF offering and is now available in a full compliment of 6 versatile colours for L$40 each or the fatpack for only L$100.


Whippet & Buck Stylists flickr group


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