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1 Jan

I was stoked when Liliana Barrs of Undefined Lilies invited me to work with her for Etheria. The event itself is a fantastic idea: “Etheria is an event focused on DESIGN.  It’s not a discount event – the idea is to bring together the creativity of designers and have them work together.  Frequently jewelry designers make things to go with a piece of clothing.  Etheria turns this idea on its head, and asks the clothing designer to make something to go with a jewelry designer’s piece.” and it’s been great to work with my sim-mate Lilie whose quirky and fashionable jewellery designs I greatly admire.
The theme for the event, that inspired Lilie’s gorgeous necklace (see it here) and in turn this lingerie set, is “Painted Ladies”. Event organiser Mouse Mimistrobell explains the theme in her blog post about the event here.

The Barr None set is more of a stylised and modern lingerie interpretation of the theme, I didn’t want to stray into costume territory but to still evoke the spirit of the period and, of course to complement the Holly is Manifold necklace. The necklace itself, I feel beautifully balances the vintage theme with being a very fashionable and wearable pieces. The lingerie set is nude with 5 different trim colours (each to complement the 5 gem colours of the necklace).
L$105 each / L$375 fatpack

Etheria Event SLurl

In other news, because at this time of year it can be hard to balance commitments with Second Life shopping (and because I forgot to blog it earlier) our Fifty Linden Friday item is still out!

We’re saying good-bye to Fifty Linden Friday. Whippet & Buck has been honoured to be a part of the permanent rotation since the second week of FLF when we had no idea the event would become so big and such an institution in the Second Life shopping community. Though the event itself is ending the creativity of our community is here to stay and we’re looking forward to where the coming year will take us.
Thanks Barb, we love you. ❤

We’ve always been passionate about providing great value with our FLF items so for this special final Friday we’re offering a fatpack of all 12 colours of our new unreleased Kipparing Tank for L$50. The tank features a sweet little button in a complementary colour but is otherwise simple and casual.

Whippet & Buck, Imogen


FLF & Collabor88

18 Nov

We’ve fallen behind with a few things due to an unavoidable RL move but here’s what’s going on at Whippet & Buck at the moment.

For Fifty Linden Friday we’re offering two sets of lounge pants for L$50/pack of two. Just some simple soft pants with a wide elasticated waistband for lolling about in.
These are currently available at the Whippet & Buck Mainstore.

The mood for this month’s Collabor88 was “Soft Exposure”. We ended up exploring this theme with a lacy little frock. The bodice of the dress is semi-sheer lace with piping detailing while the lower part of the dress is a more subdued solid. The dress is available in four colours (nude, black, baby blue & aubergine) for L$88 each or all 4 for L$288. Available at Collabor88 until December 7th.

FLF: Jezibell Backless Dress

7 Oct



This backless dress is available in two colour combos for L$50 each. This is a pre-release item so watch out for more colours (at full price) in the near future.

Whippet & Buck, Imogen

FLF: Makybe Knit Dress

16 Sep

The Makybe Knit Dress a simple knit dress with a sweet peter pan collar, pearl fastenings at the back and optional horse-shoe monogram on the collar. This dress is available in two colours (black and navy) for L$50 each.
Watch out for a full release with more colours coming soon!


Whippet & Buck Stylists – share the way you styled this dress or get ideas from other members.

FLF: Elle Tops

26 Aug

I’ve been sick for the past couple of weeks so this week’s flf offering is just a simple pretty top. It’s available in 4 colours and you get two colours for L$50.


FLF: Ayla Leather Skirt

15 Jul

This week’s Fifty Linden Friday offering is a pre-release item as usual: the Ayla Leather Skirt. Soft, lovingly worked vegan pixel leather in 6 colours. We’ve split the colours up into 3 packs of 2 so you get 2 skirts for your L$50.
Anyhow, grab them now while they’re still around!


Whippet & Buck Silver Service members still get their 20% store credit when purchasing Fifty Linden Friday items with their group tag on!

FLF: Drew & Andrew Trousers

24 Jun

Our Fifty Linden Friday offering for this week is still available. We were very determined to have a new menswear item for this week and thus, the Andrew Trousers. For your L$50 you get two colours of these “smart casual” pre-release pants.

Our offering for the ladies is Andrew’s sister, (if trousers had sisters). Drew is a slightly modified version of Andrew (most notably the crotch area which is quite different on the male and female meshes but we shan’t get into that here). For your L$50 you get 3 different versions, though all are the same basic colour the variation is in the pocket detail (two floral print fabrics and one plain).

Anyhow, grab them now while they’re still around!


 (Also, wow, week 100. Whippet & Buck have been in Fifty Linden Fridays since week 2 and just want to thank Barb for all her organizational work and cleverness.)