Quote Storage

Bobby: i never take wang shots
Bobby: i prefer the surprise
Bobby: see,i thought you were a wonderful person.
Bobby: but now i know that you’re an apalling nerd with a photographic memory.

Catero: i always trust australians. it’s a fault of mine

Menno: i feel so save between your red rocks

Stephen: I have come to Gor to rez my guitars

Roslin: nothing says class like like a rubber catsuit with the naughty bits cut out, right?

Menno: i just was turned on..lost my pants and fal into her
Menno: and all she said..was..swirley knows dear

Roslin: I think I’d be a hot gay guy actually

Stephen: i had a c-section on my artificial artificial uterus
Dakota: Of course you did
Stephen: it was the only sensible option for a modern man, wanting to preserve my ass and not be all goatse like and such

Stephen: My school of rasboras is clamoring to be peed on

Nexeus Fatale: Hey I mean it!  Butcher knives and foreign girls gets me all sorts of excited 😛

Apatia Hammerer: i have unusually l ong nose hair, for a girl

Rosemary: kota quick snuggle me so i look awesome :X
Lucas snuggles Rosemary
Dakota snuggles and gropes.
Lucas touches inappropiately
Rosemary: i could be convinced to turn my breast sliders up for this

Catero: when i was 19 i didn’t know my head from my ass. and if i had discovered sl i would have named myself after a pastry and adopted a babyfur

Catero: you know, being an asshole, a really smug, stylish one is the best part of sl

You: Smoking will stunt your growth
Furiae: Now you tell me, you unfeeling harridan

Catero: kota, why is it when you’re being mean i still find it very sweet?

Catero: i want the record to show that NOTHING GOOD can come of you two spending time together

Stein: I just feel kinda rapey, sorry Garbage
Garbage: heh
Stein: oh wait, that was a lie
Stein: I’m not sorry


Menno: Makes me so proud to see my wood between your legs

Valarie: well, in my make pretend club, you would be revered for your purity

troof says guys like to pee on stuff

Alexander Burgess: in baseball, a pitcher is relieved after 100 throws. In the park, the dog looks at you like you’re lame.

Gillian Waldman is jealous of the plant!
Dakota Buck: Feel free to photoshop your face in over the pot-plant.
Gillian Waldman: hahahah i am totally going to

Gillian Waldman: you know – you would fit my horse perfectly
Gillian Waldman: he’s 7 feet tall practically
Gillian Waldman: that’s such an odd thing to say

You: You’re buring my neeple?
Sylar: I’m lighting up your life<3

Dakota: I’m covered in birds.
Sylar: birds?
Sylar: oh shit you are
Sylar: awwI

Sylar: what are we doing now?
You: Looking hot
Sylar: fine with me

Dakota: Oh fuck I just got the hiccups
Sylar: awwww
Sylar: boo!
Sylar: ?

Sylar: why am I such a faghag
You: Don’t you have to be a woman for that?
Sylar: it’s the 21st century dear

Sylar tingles.
Catero scotchgards himself

Sylar: you look 12 again
Sylar: maybe its the hair?
You: >.<
You: You just like 12 year old girls, pervert
Sylar: !
Sylar: How dare you! I only like 19 yr-old kids.
You: I’m 20 in 14 days
Sylar: !!!
Sylar: then I don’t like you anymore?
Dakota Buck crys softly
Sylar: god
Sylar: you were born in 1988>.<
Sylar: I think I was already masturbating then
Sylar: Isn’t that so auspicious? I learned to masturbate the same year you entered this world?


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