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The “Moving In With My S.O.” Sale!

15 Apr

In celebration of Dakota moving in with her RL significant other, everything at the Imogen mainstore of Whippet & Buck is 50% off for the next week only!

Teleport to Whippet & Buck!


What’s in ‘Kota’s Bag?

29 Dec

I tend to abuse all my handbags. Doing the challenge set over at Shopping Cart Disco has made me realise that maybe I am putting too much in my bag and that maybe I wouldn’t have such a high turnover rate if I dialed it down a bit.

– Silk scarf that I love and carry everywhere even if it doesn’t match my outfit.
– Necklace waiting to be repaired (I’ll fix it after I post this).
– UK Harper’s Bazaar November 2008, there’s always at least one magazine in my bag.
– New 2009 Diary, I’m ready for the new year!
– Collection of short stories by one of my favourite authors – Annie Proulx. I like to carry books of short stories; they’re best for waiting for buses.
– Ticket from the tilt train, I’m back now but the ticket is still in my bag. :/
– Personal invitation to carols at Government House (I live right across from the back of it), I went along – it was nice.
– Anarchy badge that I used to have on a bag in high school… I have no idea why it was in my handbag.
– Postcard I bought at GoMA after seeing the Optimism exhibit.
– Stamps that are now the wrong price, I’m going to have to buy some 5c ones to make up the difference.
– Bus ticket, there’s not much I can say about that. I don’t drive.
– Hair tie thingy.
– Little tangle of headphone cords.
– Three pens. Why do I need three? Just because.
– Tooth-picks.
– A few things for touch-ups: Eyebrow pencil and brush, blush, pressed powder and brush, lip balm, matte lipstick (I hate gloss), tiny useless but pretty box, smaller bag to keep it all in.
– Purse that I dislike, it was a gift from my grandma and I’ve just come back from seeing her so I had to switch to it for the trip (see tilt train tickets).
– Hand cream and nail balm, I’m trying to take better care of myself.
– Keys to my flat. These need to stay in the bag or I leave without them.
– Green tea bags and ice tea mix, I would not function without these.
– Medical supplies because I’m injury and illness prone: Ural, Bandaids and Betadine.